Write the vision make it plain building the kingdom of God.

Membership Growth by winning souls for Christ     Proverbs 11:30

Souls  or are first priority  reaching out to the lost from all walks of life. This can only happen by going outside the walls of the church and into the community touching and changing lives through the word of God  living by precepts and examples .   Witnessing – Praying and Fasting .

God will give the increase  if we plant the seed of hope into others.    Let your light shine before all mankind that they may see the reflection of Christ in your life.  Remember through love and kindness you can draw other to Christ. Growing in the grace of God.   II Peter 3:18

The soul of man is man’s  most valuable possesion.   Luke 19:10

Vision to build a strong financial base that will enable the ministry to reach out and help supply the needs of those who are less fortune.  Remember it is more of a blessing to give then to receive.

Someone said once ” love isn’t love until you give it away.”As God continues to bless us and touch are lives with a finger of his love let us reach out to others in love.